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Make your stay in Norway something you’ll never forget by booking a room at our hotel. Each of the 8 floors offer something unique, that you won’t mind coming back to stay with us over and over again. We see to it that we win over the hearts of our guests the moment they take a look at the decorations starting from the lobby up to their respective rooms.

We also have prompt staff who will attend to your needs at all times. Whether you want breakfast in bed or cleaning services, they will be there for you right away. Our hotel is located on top of a hill, overlooking the glaciers of Norway. You will be delighted each morning when you pull the curtains to the side and see the breathtaking sceneries carved out of your dreams.

You may also book with our hotel if you wish to avail of different tour packages. We provide vehicles for those who wish to see the best spots all over Oslo and nearby places. We also have a different package for those who want to go for skiing adventures. We will bring you to our partner in Trisyl, which is located over 2 hours away from Oslo.

Rest assured, you will feel that the money you spend to avail of our services will be worth it.

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Sky High Hotel

Revierstredet, Oslo 0025, Norway

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