You don’t go out on a trip abroad often. When you do, you have to make sure that it is something worth your time and money. We guarantee you that you will have a trip of a lifetime if you choose our Hotel in Norway. We will not only give you the best and most comfortable rooms, but we will also ensure that you have meaningful activities even for a very short trip. In fact, there are other services that you can avail of even if you don’t leave the hotel. From spa services to private dinners, you will surely keep coming back more.

Take a look at the hotel services that we offer and plan your Oslo trip now!

Swedish Massage

Experience a relaxing massage with our masseurs who have trained to provide our guests a relaxing holiday experience. You just have to close your eyes and feel their hands gently touching your aching muscles.

Indoor Pool

You need not worry that it’s too cold outside. You can still dip in our indoor swimming pool and have fun with family and friends. The temperature has been adjusted so you will feel warm.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

You don’t need to worry if you have not brought enough clothes for this trip. You can call us to provide this service and we will bring you back you clothes, clean and fragrant.

Private Romantic Dinner

You can also request our staff to organize a private romantic dinner with your loved one. Whether you want to have a grand proposal or a wedding anniversary celebration, we guarantee you that it will be something you won’t forget.

Tour Packages

You can book a special tour package with us. We can bring you around Oslo or to an exciting ski trip at Trisyl.

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